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09 -August -2022 - 06:13


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Founded in 2003 as PHM (Professional Human Resource Management) five years later the company presents as an Consultancy in Industrial Psychology. Thus the name was transformed into „German Technical Recruiters“. Our main purpose is the Personnel Search Activity on the national and international recruiting market. A long-term cooperation in between a wide spread network leads to proven synergy effects. Depending on the client’s expectations our selective processes contain psychological tests as well IT-based methods.

Our consulting activities basically refer on technical sectors like:

• Plant Engineering and Construction (building and supply technology)
• Engineering and Construction (plants mainly of the Petro-Chemical and Bio-Energetic Industry)
• Automotive Industry

Moreover we offer our clients a professional consultation in Industrial Psychology and give advice on the whole spectrum of the personnel work, as for example

• Planning and Analysis of personnel (Psychological Test Procedures on customers’ request)
• Recruiting (Canvassing, Advertisements, Web-Data etc.)
• Personnel Development (General and Specified/Individual Analysis and Trainings)
• Leadership Development ( Coaching)
• General Consultation of Organizations (Company Analysis and Elaboration of Problem Solving Processes – especially in case of mergers and reorganization)
• Personnel Care (Implementation of Psychological Methods and Programs)

Personnel Service
Being successful in business is also based on a reliable team. Successful companies always set a focus into their employees. One way is to involve the employees also in operational procedures. It’s what we nowadays call “The Human Capital”!